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San Francisco Mission Bay Community Center

A community center should take its cue from existing intimate scale neighbourhood typologies and address prevalent site condition in making the center relatable to the residents. This project is primarily composed of five different scale of activity blocks in accordance to the specification of spatial program. The primary guiding principle to morphology of activity blocks based on site potential to activate corner conditions and daylight optimization. Secondary to the formal investigation is a more human scale design to assimilate this new community center into Mission Bay district.

Instructor: Lisa Iwamoto
Individual Project, Integrated Studio 
University of California, Berkeley 
M.Arch Fall 2018

Operation Diagram.jpg

Central Thoroughfare


Full size court, operable indoor and outdoor condition


Meeting Room & Office space

Section 2.jpg
Section 1.jpg

Section across sporting court, office (2nd floor) & reception  (left to right)

Section across gym & sporting court (left to right)


Ground Floor Plan

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