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Part one - Mental health

I’ve always been fascinated by human psychology and aspired to improve the mental health of all. As a designer, I self-started projects that aim to help people maintain a better sleeping habit and release stress.

Reimagining Skanska Experience

Architecture Design

Group 1805.png
Group 1804.png

User Interface Design

Transferring Bedtime Experience To A Delightful Journey

Self-Started Product Design

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Part two - The place we live in

As an architect turned product designer, I’ve been looking for ways to bring the digital and physical world together. I actively work on projects that bring innovation, playfulness and meaningful social interaction to the place we live in. 

Architecture Design

Architecture Design


Architecture Design & Illustration

Reimagining Skanska Experience

Research & Urban Design

01_Brooklyn Bridge Vision Scroll.jpg

Architecture Design

Architecture Design


3D Modeling & Illustration

Rethinking Human-Centered Architecture Design

Research & Illustration

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Reimagining Skanska Experience

2-gold with texture.png

Visual Design, Branding & Interior Design

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